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    Welcome to my blog!

    Michael Greenberg is renowned for taking photographs that are characterized as art pieces. The elegant play of fashion and journalism shines through every photograph so it’s no wonder Michael Greenberg has been recognized as one of the top wedding photographers in Canada.

    Among his many talents, Michael is well known for the Renaissance-era-inspired elaborate group portraits he produced. One of them, “Family”, won a Grand Award at WPPI 2010. He has won 11 WPPI awards and over 60 accolades of excellence in the last four years. His work has been published in numerous photography magazines including the recent book "The best of wedding photojournalism" by Bill Hurter.

While I am asked to do many panoramic family portraits at weddings, this particular one wasn’t actually shot on a wedding day and it is simply a panoramic family portrait:

Panoramic family portraitAs a matter of fact, we photographed this around Christmas time, and that’s why you see some Christmas elements in the picture like a pig on the table.

There’s a lot that could be said about this image. The main characters of this picture are the gentleman standing in the center and his wife to the left of him. They are the owners of this restaurant and I decided to shoot this family portrait in the restaurant because the restaurant is really a symbol of their well being. The wife and the husband started the restaurant together and they were also the starting point in this family. They came to Canada as immigrants with very little and this restaurant is a big part of their story. Everyone around descended from them, with exception of Grandma and Grandpa on the right.

You can see the kids aren’t all that interested in family traditions, they’re playing on ipads and iphones. You can see the little kid is standing next to a terracotta soldier as he plays some ninja games on his little device.

So this is just one family and this restaurant is pretty important for them because it started and it helped this family to flourish in Canada.


~Michael Greenberg

This image of the bride looking through the window of her limousine was made during a wedding we shot recently in Moscow, Russia:

D3S_3733 copy

You can see her breath on the foggy window in this image, and she was actually looking at the groom when she painted that heart for him just a moment before. She noticed me pointing my camera at her however, and that’s the moment when she looked at me.

I shot this with only one flash and framed so that the flowers would be at the right side, which adds to the story this image tells, while capturing the true moment.


~Michael Greenberg

This is a rather evocative shot of Elizabeth, it’s as if she were the Queen of Fall:

montreal wedding photography

She appears to be part of the natural setting she is pictured in, fitting into that beautiful background so it accentuates her beauty.

I created this autumn image of Elizabeth against those beautiful red leaves, during an engagement session in Montreal Canada. Her fur coat gives a sense of the time of the year, in addition to leaves behind her.
When I saw the beautiful red pattern of those leaves, I asked Elizabeth to stand there and to pose for me. The moment I captured however, was a natural moment while she was moving and I caught her in that movement. She wasn’t actually posing for this image. It’s a quiet moment, caught while she’s pondering, thinking of something, rather than striking a pose. All very serendipitous.

~Michael Greenberg

The butterflies in this picture are black monarchs and this image was photographed during an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding in Moscow, Russia:



It was a little bit chilly outside that day, and during the wedding ceremony there was a moment when these butterflies were released.

The bride was wearing a perfume that the butterflies might have liked. When they were let go, the butterflies immediately flew to the bride and stuck to her dress, clinging to it with their lives. I tried to remove one but it refused to budge!

Almost instantly, the bride was covered in butterflies and this image is one of the close-ups. I happen to have another photo where the entire dress is covered with butterflies. Perhaps they liked her perfume or they wanted to warm up a bit on her dress. Whatever the reason might have been, the effect was fantastic.